The Good Consulting Logo

In order to strengthen our vision of « Supporting Human Organizations in their Quest of Sense with Brand, Digital and Creative Expertise », I am happy to share with you the new brand Identity of « TheGood.Consulting »

Based on an Enso, an ink drawn Japanese circle, left open, intentionally imperfect, it symbolizes calm in movement, simplicity and harmony.

He is said to be the mirror of the soul of the one who traces it, reflecting his state of mind which must be clear, lucid and liberated.

It represents here:
the search for rightness rather than perfection, 
the virtuous circle of listening and advice,
the humanity of each action and each decision, 
the circular economy and 
the interconnectivity inherent in each activity.

It is surmounted by construction lines that symbolize:
data that support intuition,
processes that allow innovation, 
techniques that allow creativity.

Enso belongs to the Zen tradition, the principles of which I strive to apply both in my personal and professional life.

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